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If you have a nagging feeling that something is broken in the financial industry and you want to right a wrong, keep reading.

Who we are

At Provable Labs we believe in transparency, openness, and honesty—both in our own team and in the products we build for the financial industry.

We put people first: our own team and our customers. We believe that our team is the company's most important asset and by far the most critical ingredient in building excellent products and, eventually, a profitable business.

Provable Labs was founded early 2018, building on academic work that was originally developed at Harvard University. The company is VC funded (Anthemis, INKEF, Greyhound Capital) and is headquartered in the historic canal district in Amsterdam.

Team culture

In our team the best argument wins, not the fanciest title or a degree from a prestigious university. We expect employees to act with integrity, honesty, and respect. In return you'll get an extraordinary amount of freedom to shape your own job and work in a team where you are appreciated for the results you deliver, not for the time you clock in and out.

We pursue diversity and a rich palette of opinions not just for its own sake, but because it allows us to make the best decisions and achieve our full potential. We expect people to work hard, but understand that employees have lives to live, families to take care of, friendships to cherish, and valuable time to spend outside of the office.

Engineering at Provable Labs

At Provable Labs we adhere to simplicity engineering. Pre-optimization is the source of all evil, so build the simple thing first, measure it, and then proceed.

We are not religious adherents of any kind of engineering philosophy. Just because a tool, a library, or a process exists does not mean we need to use it.

We believe that the complexity of a solution needs to match the complexity of the problem at hand.

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