We bring together the best talent in engineering, cryptography, and finance.

Markets and trading have been a fundamental feature of human civilization and a key driver for prosperity for millennia. However, despite all the technological innovations, markets continue to be driven by human psychology. We went from pretending to walk away from sellers in a bazaar to splitting up large block trades to hide from high-frequency traders—all for the same reason: to hide our willingness (or desperation) to buy or sell.

Our mission is to fundamentally grow markets by facilitating trading without the risk of information disclosure.

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Our Team

Thomer Gil

Founder & CEO

Matt Cohen

Chief Commercial Officer

Ruben de Vries

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Thorpe

Advisor & Chief Scientist

Eric Shulman

Senior Software Engineer

Mackenzie Moder-Garvey

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Mátyás Lipták

Senior Software Engineer

Oisin Akiboye Conolly

Senior Software Engineer

Ronald Boer

Senior Software Engineer

Steve Willis


Salar al Khafaji


Louis Chaillet


David Parkes